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THE 10 BEST Tennessee Kayaking & Canoeing Activities (with Photos)

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“ is on a nearby kayak catching action photos”

“ even get your own kayaking photographer who”

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Cascade Outdoors

“ locally owned Watauga Kayak is a great”

“ teach you things about kayaking and rafting.”

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Watauga Kayak

“ Atlanta olympics held the kayaking competition.”

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Big Frog Expeditions

“ attach it to the kayak rigging for”

“ who are new to kayaking, this would be a good”

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River Queen Voyages

“ just the right kayaks for everyone in our”

“ rented every canoe and kayak so 95 if us”

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Sharp Springs Kayak & Canoe Rentals

“ paddle board and kayak on our free day in”

“Paddle Boarding and Kayaking!”

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Big Willies Action Sports

“ love to go back for a canoe the Caney day trip!”

“ Candy for your next kayaking or canoeing trip!!”

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Canoe the Caney

“ rented the tandem kayak and we had a great”

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Paddle UP

“ a few tried out kayaks and I decided on the”

“ paddle (whether board or kayak) on the river.”

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Billy Lush Boards and Brew

“ the basics of kayaking and Norris Paddling”

“ kids in the Hydro-Bikes and a tandem kayak.”

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Norris Paddling Adventures

“ trips in rafts, canoes, and now the kayak,”

“Canoe rental is $41, and includes life”

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The River Rat's Canoe Rental

“ is an excellent outfitter to go Kayaking with.”

“ those that want to kayak or spend time on”

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Smooth Rapids Outfitters

“ good fortune to kayak with Tony and Katie…”

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Smoky Mountain Kayaking


Truly a paddler's paradise, Florida has diverse ecosystems and pristine waters that nature lovers can really appreciate. You can spot abundant wildlife in the lush landscapes as you float through miles of pristine beauty in one of Florida's most picturesque places to go kayaking.