Senior Living in Atlanta, GA

The Phoenix Difference

We pay close attention to the little extras that make a big difference: adding special touches from your home to our suites, modifying our dining menu options, and identifying the unique preferences of each of our seniors. Our residents enjoy a rewarding lifestyle with personalized, comprehensive support that promotes wellness, because when it comes to your loved one, everything matters to us.

Phoenix Senior Living is a company of people serving people, and everything we do is deeply reflective of that foundation. The Phoenix Senior Living difference is built on the understanding that aging and memory loss affects everyone differently. Therefore, care and services for seniors should be uniquely designed to serve the uniqueness of each individual. A dedicated team of trained, engaged, and loyal associates delivers all individualized and group programs. When the executive team at Phoenix Senior Living came together to design the perfect senior living community, they asked themselves what they would want for their loved ones. Aiming for extraordinary, the foundational beliefs were formed:

        • Provide residents and families with a meaningful and personalized experience from their very first interaction
        • Serve with excellence and compassion
        • Fully understand and support the uniqueness of every resident’s physical, social, and emotional needs
        • Be a trusted partner for each senior and family we serve, earning their trust each and every day
        • Establish a commitment to collaboration
        • Respect the voice of our customer
        • We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Phoenix Senior Living can be the answer you’ve been looking for
                                                                 <h2>Live, Love, Learn.</h2>  <p><img src="" alt="" width="300" height="450" />When it comes to selecting a care facility, a location, and a beautiful home to spend your twilight years, we know that you have many options. Our goal at Phoenix Senior Living is to provide life enhancing personal care services that are as unique as you are. Life is more enjoyable when spiritual, physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and occupational needs are balanced.</p>  <p>Guided by this philosophy, we created our signature Live, Love, Learn wellness program, which is deeply rooted in The National Wellness Institute’s <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Six Dimensions of Wellness</a>: Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Occupational (Sense of Purpose), Social, and Spiritual Wellness. Our specially trained teams work together to ensure our senior care residents, Senior Day Club seniors, and respite care guests are actively engaged in each of the six dimensions of wellness every day. Wellness is measured with the following benchmarks in mind...</p>  <ul><li>Emotional Wellness - Exhibits a positive attitude</li>  <li>Physical Wellness - Exercises regularly</li>  <li>Cognitive Wellness - Engages in intellectual or cultural activity</li>  <li>Occupational (Sense of Purpose) - Sets goals</li>  <li>Social Wellness - Socializes with friends and family</li>  <li>Spiritual Wellness - Spends time in prayer and/or meditation</li>  </ul>                                                                      <h2>Our Mission</h2>  <p>We strive to serve seniors and their families with personalized care in a nurturing, compassionate environment, by a team engaged in our core belief that "when it comes to a loved one, EVERYTHING matters".  </p>  <h2>Our Core Values</h2>  <ul><li>E xcellence and compassion in serving others.</li>  <li>P hysical, social and emotional needs are supported in every resident's uniqueness.</li>  <li>I nteractions are meaningful and personalized for residents and their families from the very first experience.</li>  <li>C ommitment to collaboration and respect.</li>  </ul>

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