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A different dolphin feeding technique caught on video…
This feeding technique is similar to mud ring feeding in the sense that the dolphin is disturbing sand or sediment to aid in the capture of its prey, but different in every other way. The mud ring technique involves a dolphin creating a ring of mud or sand around a group of fish in shallow water. The fish feel trapped in the ring and the dolphin either catches them in the ring, or other dolphins catch the fish when the…y jump out of the water and over the wall of mud.
With this different technique that was recently captured on video one dolphin singles out a fish and chases it until the fish tries to circle back around the dolphin at which time the dolphin stirs up the sand with its tail and flippers and creates a cloud of sand. The result is that the fish stops and stays motionless because it can’t see well in the sand cloud. Before the cloud of sand clears up, the dolphin finds the fish and simply grabs it. Although this technique isn’t as dramatic as the fish kicking or mud ring techniques, it’s still an interesting technique that illustrates the dolphins intelligence.

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