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Jet-Ski Rental (Long Term)

Give us a call at 561.508.7575 for long term Jet-Ski rentals! (Minimum one week)
Jet-Ski Rental Requirements | 16 years old, major credit card and a valid drivers license, and watch a short safety video. You will then be briefed on the State and Local personal watercraft regulations and instructed on the safe operation and off to the races. We will give you your boundaries once on the water to ensure your safety and you are ready to go!

Jet-Ski Rental (Short Term)

For Short Term Jet-Ski Rentals, Visit our partners at Get Wet Watersports.

Fly Board Sales & Repair

Call our Fly Board Specialist today 561.508.7575

Fly Board Rental

For Fly Board Rentals, Visit our partners at Get Wet Watersports.

Sell a Jet-Ski

Looking to Sell your Jet-Ski, contact us today, we can help!

Buy a Jet-Ski

Through our distributors we can get you into a brand-new Jet-Ski to fit all your wants and needs. Give us a call today!


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