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Kayak is an application for CAN bus diagnosis and monitoring. Its main goals are a simple interface and platform independence.
It is implemented in pure Java and has no platform specific dependencies.
Kayak is based on SocketCAN and the connection to a SocketCAN bus takes place using TCP/IP and a socketcand server.
Therefore the bus access is network transparent and can be shared with multiple users.

Kayak uses the

open CAN definition format kcd

. Existing .dbc CAN definitions can be converted to kcd using




  • view raw CAN data on a bus
  • view CAN frames interpreted as signals and messages
  • XML-based bus definitions
  • connect to to multiple CAN busses on different machines at once
  • multiple users can connect to the same CAN bus using a single CAN controller
  • no platform dependend code
  • core library without dependencies for use in other applications that need to handle CAN frames
  • rich client application (Netbeans RCP)
  • easily write your own plugins using the Netbeans plugin system

Get Kayak


You can download the current DEVELOPMENT version of Kayak
here. Please note that Kayak
has not been released yet and it will possibly be quite unstable.

From source

1. Clone using Git

You can clone the project using git:

$ git clone git://github.com/dschanoeh/Kayak

The main releases of Kayak are on branch master. If you would like to test the unstable development
version please checkout the develop branch.

2. Build

To build Kayak you only need a working maven installation.
All dependencies are downloaded during the build process
To initiate the build move into the Kayak source folder and run

$ mvn clean package

Get started


this short tutorial

for a quick start with Kayak or check


if your questions were not covered.

Found a bug; want a feature?

Please use the bugtracker at github
or even fix the bug / implement the feature yourself and send a
pull request ;).


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