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Harpeth River’s Finest Canoes and Kayaks

Welcome to Foggy Bottom Canoe and Kayak Rentals, Nashville, Tennessee.

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Foggy Bottom Rocks

Come with us and canoe Nashville on the scenic Harpeth River. We’re the place to come if you want to canoe Tennessee rivers. We offer the best service on the Harpeth River.

Scenic canoe trips, on a Class 1 river, through historic areas. Family fun.

We are here to help you enjoy a great canoe trip down the Harpeth River. We’ll provide the canoes, paddles and life vests. Then we’ll provide transportation to and from the river. We even have shaded parking so you don’t have to come back to a hot car.

The Harpeth is a Class 1 river, which means that it’s slow-moving with a few mild rapids thrown in to wake the paddler up. It’s an easy float for anyone who wants to fish, swim or just relax.

Around almost every bend of the sinuous Harpeth is a gravel or sand bar on which to stop and swim, sun or picnic. Some areas of the Harpeth are marked “No Trespassing”. Each side of the river is private property (other than the State Park areas) Always respect landowners property and do not stop at any areas marked. Never, ever, leave your litter behind. Bring all litter back with you and we will dispose of it. Fish are jumping, especially smallmouth bass, and also catfish, crappie and perch. Other river critters you’re likely to see include otters, beaver, deer, blue herons, ducks, snakes and turtles. The scenery itself is an eyeful – mile after mile of overhanging trees interspersed with grassy fields and towering rock cliffs.


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