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Can You Use A Kayak Paddle In A Canoe?

For the people who do not use a canoe or kayak or use either one of these infrequently, he or she may see no reason they cannot use a kayak paddle in a canoe. He or she needs to understand the differences in each one to come to a personal conclusion.


The differences of these two boats are as follows, a kayak is longer and narrower than a canoe. The front and rear of the kayak forms points. Kayaks, generally made for one person, but are available to fit two people, propels the kayak through the water by using a paddle with two blades. The driver put this blade in the water and pushes the kayak ahead then dips the paddle into the water on the alternating side of the kayak to keep the kayak going straight.

Lightweight aluminum, skins, bark, plastic, wood and more are the materials that go into building a kayak. Kayaks accommodate one or two persons and propel though the water with one paddle. There is one blade on each end of the pole. The driver alternates sides of the kayak, pushing the canoe through the water with first the right paddle and then the left paddle.

The argument is that kayaks are easier to control and keep gear dryer, that is, if the driver does not overturn their kayak. Many kayakers feel that the two blades are better than the one found propelling a canoe. Kayaks handle rougher waters better than a canoe.

Kayaks will not get flooded with water and a canoe can take on water. If the kayaker is propelling their kayak in inclement weather, the boat helps to keep the driver protected. Kayakers are able to move and transport the boat easier due to its lightweight. The rudders on a kayak help to control the boat. Kayakers love the closeness to the water and the feel that their body is skimming under the water.


A canoe requires the use of an oar with one blade the driver propels the canoe by alternating sides of the canoe to push the canoe forward. Most people buy a recreational canoe.

According to the many people, a kayak paddle used to propel a canoe may work more effectively than the canoe paddles. According to some reviews, many have tried using kayak blades on a canoe and they worked really well. This is a personal preference and everyone has differing thoughts on the subject, with an ongoing debate on which is better a canoe or a kayak, a debate that shows no resolve.


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