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How to deal with falling short of your goals

How you deal with this disappointment is going to go a long way towards determining your success in achieving future goals so let’s take a look at dealing with missed goals a little more closely.

Paddle Monster Pre-Race Checklist

This is a 2-page checklist. The purpose of race plans are to narrow your focus, reduce stress and uncertainty, and minimize distractions in order to optimize your ability to paddle in the moment […]

Love the Conditions – Chattajack Version

I’ve often felt that one of the problems of competing in an outdoor sport is that you’re subject to the conditions. In paddling, wind, waves and current can play a huge part in the outcome […]

It’s not too late to train for Chattajack

We’re within100 days until Chattajack. It seems like a long time away on one hand yet on the other it seems rather close, especially since it’s approaching the point where you have fewer […]

So you want to be a “good” SUP paddler…

You’ve probably all heard of Malcolm Gladwell and his “10000 – Hour Rule” from his book Outliers, which states that to be a world-class expert in something it takes approximately 10000 hours of […]

Transitioning to a narrower board

In a recent post I shared a number of tips you can use to enhance stability on your SUP that are especially useful when paddling in rough water and on narrow boards. Now that we’ve […]

Finding your Training Levels

his article will go over all of the factors that we have to determine which Level or Zone we are working in when we train and how to find that Level quickly and effectively during an interval session.

Reading Training Programs

Interval training is simple really. It just looks like arithmetic at first. Much like any type of training program whether it be strength or cardio, there is a prescribed number of sets and […]

Coach Larry Cain April Training Update/Overview

In the upcoming weeks, many of you will be peaking for Carolina Cup, Key West Classic, Namur SUP Race in Belgium, London SUP Open, Azur paddle days in France. For those who aren’t racing, […]

Coach Seychelle April Training Update

We are just finishing up Spring training to peak for the Carolina Cup / Key West Classic: Races in the next few weeks. In the coming weeks, we’ll have two tracks for those who are just […]

Spring Competitive Phase begins January 21

For those with consistent access to open water and racing major early season events like the Carolina Cup at the end of April, this phase begins on January 21. Here is where we start to ramp up […]

Leave No Stone Unturned in Your Training

I’ve always taken the approach that there is far more that goes into being successful in achieving your goals than just going out and doing workouts. No matter the sport, if it were that simple […]


Saturday, January 12th from 9-11AM at Paddling Paradise 4220 Dixie Hwy NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905 (paddlingparadise.com) Come learn, practice and refine your paddling skills with Paddle Monster Coach […]

Paddle Monster Balance: Walk the Plank

LEVEL 1 A good way to work on my balance and ability to move around on my board was to lay a 2×4 on the ground and then cross step back and forth on it, just like you do on your board when […]

Larry’s Latest Monster Tip: Loading the Paddle

Check out the latest quick video discussion on loading the paddle by coach Larry Cain on the Paddle Monster App. Members can click directly here To have access to this and hundreds of videos, […]

Paddle Monster 100 Summer Paddle Challenge Begins

Congratulations to those who joined us through our recently completed challenge. You were all cold weather warriors – true Vikings – and we’re stoked we got to share all your experiences with […]

Your mindset on race weekend matters

With the first really big race weekend of the year almost upon us I thought I would throw something up here as it is a little easier to just get something relevant posted. If you’ve done […]

Try Paddle Monster Basic Free for 10 Days

Available to the first 100 people only, not available to current subscribing members, because quite frankly, you’re already in and don’t need a trial. How to get your free 10-day […]

Keep those knuckles up!

I recently had someone ask the que for keeping knuckles up and elbow down. So here goes, this is such an important aspect to starting out with paddling and something that will give you longevity […]

Paddle Entry Q/A

So I have had the question raised recently – why does my blade make a plopping noise when it enters the water. This is something I’m sure everyone has experienced and it does take practise to […]

Improve your reach and rotation

These are two simple, active stretching techniques that you can use to help increase the rotation in your thoracic, or upper spine. Add them to your daily warm up and see if your “set up” or your […]

Racing in the Off-Season

Racing in the Off-Season With off-season races like the Cold Stroke Classic, Hano Hano, Neptunalia, and the Key West SUP Fest fast approaching I’m beginning to field a lot of questions about how […]

Welcome Coach Seychelle

Paddle Monster welcomes Seychelle to their Coaching team for 2018. Seychelle launches her coaching group on January 15th, 2018 Get on the waiting list

Give Paddle Monster Training

1-Month Training Package ($50) 3-Months Training Package ($150) You can pick your coach, and the recipient can choose when they want to start. Keep the paddle people in your life, paddling.


Seychelle, a perennial Top 10 standup paddle racer and SIC Maui team rider, is joining the Paddle Monster coaching squad for the 2018 paddle season. A native of the Florida Keys, Seychelle has […]

Revised Paddle Monster Training Zones

You’ve all probably seen the notes I made in the programs a few weeks ago saying that I was going to revise our training zones. We’ll here we go. For those of you who have been with us for a […]

Paddle monster Intro: Welcome!

Hello Surf ski paddlers, kayakers and downwind frothers. A massive welcome from us all at Paddle Monster. I am super stoked to be apart of such an awesome group of people and excited to meet more […]

How to set up your surfski

Ski set up is the fundamental component to good comfortable paddling technique and positive training. I thought it would be easier to explain in writing for this one rather than video. So here […]

Choosing the right paddle

As is my attitude with most pieces of equipment, if you feel good, it’s probably right for you. As a friend of mine always says, it’s like someone setting you up with someone on a […]

How to decipher my training zones

Think of it as gears in your car for a 6 speed. The faster you go (the harder you try), the higher the gearing. So: Level 1 (L1) – 60% Easy, cruising, doing drills and technique, should be able […]

Love the Conditions

I’ve often felt that one of the problems of competing in an outdoor sport is that you’re subject to the conditions. In paddling, wind, waves and current can play a huge part in the outcome of any […]

Exercise Focus of the Week: Kettle Bell Swings

Kettle Bell Swings from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. Purpose: Hip hinge explosiveness, eccentric (decelerating) hip flexion Transfer: SUP paddling involves repeated double hip flexion and extension. […]

Exercise of the week: Split Stance Landmine Row

Section: Strength & Power Purpose: Pulling Strength, Core strength/stability; Leg stability Transfer: This exercise requires you to control/stabilize your whole body in an offset position […]

Phase 3 Strength Video Demonstrations

Cable Lateral Pulldowns from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. Alternating Hammer Grip Curls from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. Back Extension Shoulder Angels from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. Band Rotations Low […]

Active Rest

One of the most important things you can do when you’ve finished a training block (and particularly after competing in the most important event of your season) is take a little time away from […]

Notes from the Coach: Using Arms as Connectors

Over the last several weeks in Notes from the Coach we’ve discussed drills for basic paddling technique and steering. I’d like to begin to look at some more advanced concepts in coming weeks and […]

Injury Prevention

by Steve Dullack I am currently on the shelf until late June with no racing until late July at the earliest because I had double shoulder surgery last week. Injury prevention is a GREAT topic. […]

How to read the Training Plans

Here’s an example of how each day’s race plan will appear within the weekly plan: Paddle 60 minutes 10′ warm up level 1 progressing to level 2B 10′ drills – 1 set […]

Following a Training Program

The Importance of Training Plans from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. The most important thing about following a training program is compliance. If you’re freelancing and aren’t actually following the […]

Welcome to Paddle Monster

Welcome to PADDLE MONSTER from Paddle Monster on Vimeo. Welcome to Paddle Monster – an online SUP training community. We’ve thought long and hard about how best to deliver things like training […]

Paddle Monster Garmin 920XT Watch Face

Stare into the face of training! We thought you might want to customize your Garmin. Our buddy Warren prepared this Garmin 920XT hack to help you install the Paddle Monster Watch face. […]

Hatching a Monster

It’s been a busy winter so far. I’ve been completing some projects for my job with CanoeKayak Canada, have been to Florida for two weeks to coach, and have paddled almost every day while […]


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