Truly a paddler's paradise, Florida has diverse ecosystems and pristine waters that nature lovers can really appreciate. You can spot abundant wildlife in the lush landscapes as you float through miles of pristine beauty in one of Florida's most picturesque places to go kayaking.

Lilypad Adventures

Are you looking for the perfect guys getaway, a family vacation or even a couples retreat? If so we offer over night stays here at Lilypad Adventures. Choose your over night cabin and enjoy all we have to offer: Campfires, grills, flat screen Tv’s, conditioning and best of the river right at your feet! Check […]

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Juana’s Pagodas and Sailors’ Grill

Juana Shop <p>The Shop is located inside the entrance to Sailors’ Grill, and features T shirts, tanks, and beach attire, koozies, mugs and gift items. Where will you wear your Juana Wear? Mark your spot on the map in the Pagoda.</p> <a href=””>Shop Online</a> This is a great article, can I read more

John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park

Welcome to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park The first undersea park in the U.S., John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park encompasses approximately 70 nautical square miles. While the mangrove swamps and tropical hammocks in the park’s upland areas offer visitors a unique experience, it is the coral reefs and their associated marine life that […]

SUP Express

SUP Express Paddle Board Rental and Delivery is the Emerald Coast’s leading paddle board rental service.  With 5 star reviews and BOTE boards delivered SUP Express will handle your family’s rental with professionalism and the highest quality rental gear. We will deliver to you at your condo, home or one of the many beautiful Park […]

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Oasis Palm – Oasis Palm Hotel Specials

Enjoy an Unforgettable family vacation at Oasis Palm. With beautiful and cozy family rooms, with fun themes that kids love. Oasis Palm is a family hotel that allows guests of all ages to live their own adventure, with recreational activities and water sports on a fantastic white sand beach splashed by turquoise blue waters. At […]

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