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Waverunner Rentals | Fort Myers Beach — Holiday Water Sports

Pink Shell Location
200 Estero Blvd.
Ft. Myers Beach, FL

DiamondHead Location
2000 Estero Blvd.
Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Best Western Location
684 Estero Blvd
Ft. Myers Beach, FL
(239) 463-6778

The freedom of riding on open water is a great solution for stress. We have some of the largest open water riding areas on Ft. Myers Beach. Our Yamahas are among the newest models available, and will provide you with a stable ride.
We provide our local customers and visitors from around the country with this thrilling experience on the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Jet Skis, also called WaveRunners, are the perfect vehicle for entertainment on the water here on Ft. Myers Beach. These craft fit from 1 to 3 people comfortably.

Our instructors will make sure you are completely prepared with the operation of the WaveRunner if you have never been on one before. You’ll have practice time to get comfortable with its operation.

WaveRunners accommodate themselves completely to the driver’s direction. If you want speed, the top speed is around 50 mph. On the water that is an amazing experience. These craft can literally “turn on a dime.”

On the other hand, if you want a relaxed ride and just want to enjoy the wildlife, the water and the scenery, these WaveRunners are perfect for you, too. Dolphins and manatees have been known to swim right up to WaveRunners.
We also provide personal flotation devices, with full safety procedures for your trip. We use the new Yamaha 4 stroke WaveRunners.

Personal watercraft originated in the 1960s when a home inventor originated the concept with the notion of a powered water ski. The design embraces elements of self-power with a small size, and a highly maneuverable and active ride. Today’s watercraft that we utilize are quiet, clean, fuel-efficient and have no exposed propellers

You only live once – enjoy the ride of a lifetime at one of our three waterfront locations!

Safety notes:
All drivers must be 16 years of age with a drivers license.

Anyone born after Jan. 1, 1988 must also have a NASBLA approved Safe Boating License in order to drive a WaveRunner. Temporary licenses available at all locations. Please allow one hour to obtain a license. You can also click the link below to obtain a tempory license online.

Half hour and Full hour rentals available.


Truly a paddler's paradise, Florida has diverse ecosystems and pristine waters that nature lovers can really appreciate. You can spot abundant wildlife in the lush landscapes as you float through miles of pristine beauty in one of Florida's most picturesque places to go kayaking.