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Maui whale watching canoe tours

If you’re lucky enough to be coming to Hawaii between late December and early April, hopefully you’ll be visiting Maui. The waters off of Maui’s South and West shores are a Humpback Whale Sanctuary with whales everywhere you look!

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Every year humpback whales, or Kohola, make the long swim from the great white north to Hawaii so they can mate and give birth. An Outrigger Canoe is the best option of self-powered vessels for whale watching for several reasons. The streamlined design allows for easy paddling so you can cover more ground on your whale watch tour with 6 people paddling in synchronicity. On the canoe you sit on a bench seat. which gives you a better vantage point over kayaks in which you are actually sitting slightly below water level.
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Seeing a humpback whale from an outrigger canoe is an epic experience that everyone can enjoy: from kids to grandparents, active travelers and everyone in-between. No experience necessary. Oh, and if time permits, we’ll stop for a quick snorkel on the way back to shore, but usually we like to spend the whole tour playing with whales. If you absolutely want to snorkel and whale watch on the same tour, we suggest one of our exclusive and private kayak tours where you can determine how much time to spend on each activity.

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“Great experience and great guide

“ Let start off by saying I really didn’t know IF I was going to be able to Surf in Maui, but I knew I Surfing Lessons were on the top of my list of things to do. I had no idea it would be so easy… ok the Surf Instructor probably had A LOT to do with that. His instructions were clear and detailed …”


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