Lido Beach (Sarasota) – 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go | Tours & Tickets (with Photos)

Love Lido beach, it is beautiful, great views of the sunset each evening!
We have vacationed here many times, but this was the first time needing accessibility for my husband who is now wheel chair bound. Our hotel advised us that public beach just down the street offered the use of a beach wheel chair at no cost on first come first serve basis.
THAT IS TOO COOL, we are so impressed that this is being offered. Until you are in need of assistance you don’t even think about things such as how to get to the beach if you can’t walk!
We did try it and , it did not work well for us. BUT the heart is in the right place when you make effort to make your beach accessible.
I had a bit of trouble getting my husband to the area where you pick it up, since that area was fenced off in all the places where we could push his regular wheel chair accessibly. Eventually had to get him to stand up long enough for me to pull wheel chair up onto sidewalk. (Some people don’t have ability to stand at all), then left him there , since procedure is done thru lifeguard, have to go out to see beach lifeguard to request chair, then back to the site to pick up chair. I was able to push it down the wooden ramp out to the sand and beach! However when I tried to return it, could not get it up the ramp because of the gap between sand and wood, tires just got stuck. Luckily I had rented a n umbrella and chairs from a very fit beach boy (and had tipped him well) , so I asked if he could help me. He also had a lot of trouble with it, but eventually got it up onto the wood ramp! Thanks to this young man! So either the wheels are not inflated enough, or the gap between sand and ramp is too large…. seat belt was also broken. So may be the chair needs maintenance.
As I have stated, am very happy that Lido Beach is trying to be inclusive, just gave these details so they can see where it’s not exactly working well.

This is a great Story, Can I read more.

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