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Daniel J. Howard
Hi, I’m Daniel J. Howard from East Lansing, Michigan, and I like this GAMMA Mirage paddle because it’s got great touch all around the court, I feel confident hitting my third shots with it, I also feel confident hitting some stiff, firm volleys with it. It’s got a great blend of balance, in terms of weight, but also power and control. Good touch on the dinking, great touch on the third shots, but it’s still got enough power if I want to speed up a serve, still feels really good without fear of hitting a ball long. All around, great paddle. Weight evenly distributed, it comes in maybe 7.8 to 8 ounces. I actually add a little led tape to mine because I like mine a little heavier. I put mine around 8.8 ounces, but that’s just me. The color scheme is good, too! It’s got a great look to it, cosmetics are outstanding, and I really think you’ll like this paddle. Jesse Compton
Hello, my name is Jesse Compton. I’m here to talk about the GAMMA Mirage paddle. This is a fantastic paddle. It runs about 8 to 8.2 ounces, it has a composite face. Combined composite face with a heavier paddle gives a lot of power, and so the people that prefer a nice, power-punch ground shot really love this paddle, but it still provides good control. It’s a slightly shorter grip. It has a nice, wide, tall head; so, it provides a lot of paddle surface, which is great for doubles, for the close-contact volleys, and it has a big, big sweet spot. The Mirage is a really fantastic paddle.

Jay Simonovis-Armas
Hey guys, my name is Jay Simonovis-Armas, and I am from Parkland, Florida, and I’m here to tell you why I love the GAMMA Mirage. I find that this is an extremely maneuverable paddle that is great for players of all skill-levels. I personally like it, because–coming from a tennis background–I can really feel the ball. It’s really great when you’re at the net, super stable when you’re getting those shots drilled at you, great to block them. When you’re dinking, it takes little to no effort to get them over the net, and GAMMA makes them. Highly recommend it, guys.

Lucy Kitcher
Hi my name’s Lucy Kitcher. I’m from England originally. I live in Florida onm the East coast, near Fort Lauderdale. This is the Mirage paddle, I’ve been playing with this for about a year and a half since it first came out. I really love the control that this paddle has. It has a very large sweet spot. You can pretty much hit the ball anywhere on the paddle and it does exactly what you want it to do. It’s a really good beginner-intermediate paddle because of that, but you also see a lot of pros playing with it, as well. It has great touch when you’re at the net. I love to dink, and when you’re dinking, you can be sure every shot is going to do exactly what you want it to do.

Reviews of the GAMMA Mirage Pickleball Paddle by PickleballCentral Staff:

“The first thing I noticed about the new Gamma Mirage paddle is the handle and grip, both of which felt great. I’m not sure of the exact size but I generally like a pretty standard circumference grip around 4.25” and this seemed to fit my hand very well. The round/octagonal grip is very comfortable and worked well as I changed my hand position for different strokes. While not the most important aspect in how a paddle plays a grip can really make or break a pickleball paddle, at least for me even though it’s not always the first thing I think about when I pick out a new paddle. As a 3.5 ‘banger’ I usually look for a paddle with better ball control as that is where my game is most lacking.

While there was plenty of power when I wanted it I felt that the mirage was a bit more tailored to the control game which helped me out quite a bit, I’m not sure what it was about the paddle but I think the lightly textured surface, lighter feel and poly core contributed to better ball placement while giving good feedback and a solid feel. I think this was enhanced by the lightly cushioned grip with large honeycomb perforations. Not only does the grip looks really cool but also helped keep the grip dry which for me is an issue as my hands do tend to sweat quite a bit after a couple of games. Overall I felt this was a really solid paddle, that worked well for my game and felt good in my hand.””
James, Marketing & Production (3.5 player)

“It was exciting to see that GAMMA has listened to the better players in the pickleball community, and invested in producing a truly ‘made-in-the-USA’ paddle that is competitive with all the best brands in the marketplace. Gamma has long been known for great grips, and this paddle has a fantastic one, nice and tacky so you get a real feel for the ball when it strikes the paddle face. The paddle is in the perfect weight range for those players that prefer a lightly heavier paddle with a bit extra pop – this might be a great paddle for Tennis players making the jump to pickleball. The sweet spot on this paddle is really nice through the middle of the paddle, and extends nicely up to the head edge. Great job, GAMMA!
Peter, Staff Teaching Pro (5.0 Player)

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