Florida officials working together on water restoration efforts

NAPLES, Fla.– Water leaders across South Florida are uniting to fight for clean water. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida said everyone needs to join the battle.

“Water connects all of us,” said Marisa Carrozzo, the Everglades and Water Policy manager.

“Restoration is a benefit for us, as it is on the east coast.”

On Thursday, the Conservancy took a Miami City Commissioner on a tour around Keewaydin Island. This was Ken Russell’s second tour in the area.

“Miami and Naples may have different water issues in terms of specific damage its caused,” Russell said. “But we have the same cause, to get Lake Okeechobee water to flow south through the Everglades.”

The Commissioner is traveling around the state to learn about water issues in each area. He said Miami needs to join the push for clean water. 

“It’s a big city that should be in this fight, and we haven’t been for decades.”

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