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Grand Caymans Only Glass Bottom Kayak Bioluminescence Tours

Glass Bottom Kayak Bio Tour

Experience Caymans unique glowing Bioluminescent Bay situated just north of Star Fish Point. These still, nutrient dense waters, may appear as a standard bay during the day light hours. But come night fall, you can expect to witness the rare bioluminescent plankton dinoflagellate which emit light.

We leave from Star Fish Point (just past Kaibo yacht Club) around sunset time, for a 20 – 25 minutes moderate paddle to Bio Bay. Once entering Bio Bay you’ll see the water go from a sparkle to a glow, with a few extremely bight clusters of bioluminescence. The vibrant light is clearly visible under our double seated Glass Bottom Kayaks, and truly enhances the experience. We spend anywhere from 25-40 minuets in the bay

Combine these incredible glowing waters with an informative tour guide and regular clear sky’s providing a canopy of stars and planets, resulting in a surreal night for all ages, family and friends so what is not to love ?

Book now for the only glass bottom kayak tour to Bio Bay in Grand Cayman. Contact White Sand Water Sports to reserve a spots and experience one of the most unique exciting tours on island.


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