Best Paddle Sports Trails near Jupiter, Florida

This was a great trail. it was extremely hot but it was a great hike.

Nice walk along the water and docks and then leads to a natural area. Very pleasant.

Beautiful park with many different paths. Def worth a few trips to explore it all.

From the parking areas (which one are you supposed to start at?), trail directions are vague, but once on the trail markers are clear (but not every intersection is marked), and park maps are located at strategic locations. Good, hard packed (not paved) trails for easy hiking, great scenery and wildlife sightings (four deer — three does and a buck; Little Blue Heron).
Helpful hint: pick up the park brochure, which has a map, at the park office and take it along with you.

Another great ride through this park. Favorite trail always the Ocean to Lake as it’s the most tree covered and coolest and with the temp pushing 90s that’s a big plus.

This is a nice relaxing wide trails. It is mostly shaded. The only flaw is it is not well marked at every cross point. A lot of criss cross trails


no shade

4 months ago

I have always loved this park. The parts of the ocean to lake trail on both sides is absolutely amazing. the trail listed here is not the best but i definitely recommend this park especially for kayaking. You will definitely not regret it.

Second time riding here at Riverbend. The trails are well kept and some are shady, which is definitively welcomed since summer is most absolutely here. Hit part of the more challenging part of the Ocean to Lake trail (crossing Indiantown Rd) be prepared for tight turns, bumpy ride, lots of mosquitoes, unexpected dips, and getting back to the park requires lifting yourself and your bike over a fence (with some barbed wire – part of the adventure


no shade

5 months ago

Very easy trail, gravel path, kinda hard to follow if you don’t have the map open not all trail intersections are marked. Lots of wildlife, a baby deer being the most notable.

Beautiful trail…. unfortunately I only remembered to stop recording while at Jimmy John’s after my walk.

Great trail for all family members. Very well maintained. Lots of wildlife .

mountain biking

7 months ago

So far my favorite trail that I have been on next to Shark Valley. The difference is these trails are all packed gravel and full of nature. They wind and loop all around the park. The best thing about this park is everything…biking, fishing, hiking, horse trails, camping and most important trash free. I didn’t get it at first but it was quite simple…no garbage cans.

Mostly gravel-paved trails suitable for biking and hiking. Moderately populated, intertwined with pond and views. Miles of trails that allow for you to pick your own route.

mountain biking

8 months ago

Great ride

Super kid friendly trail. Saw a baby dear. ❤️

Peaceful and beautiful, natural and untouched a relaxing ride or a day to spend with nature.

Nice shade. Some wildlife. Great place to walk alone felt very safe and well used trails.

The best I’ve went to so far.Many trails to chose from and saw at least 8 deers.Very huge and surrounded by nature and wildlife.A nice challenge!

mountain biking

Sun Aug 12 2018

Relaxing peaceful ride with some amazing views of wildlife and nature.

Saw beautiful trails, fish, and bodies of water. Will be back to canoe/kayak!

a good amount of shaded trail. saw wildlife! not a lot of people but not completely empty either. good for a first time hiker

paddle sports

Thu Jul 19 2018

love the scenery and it’s a fairly easy paddle

Beautiful area lots of trails. You can walk or ride bikes

Can ride a trail bike or walk

Huge park, saw 2 deer on the trail

The park is huge, make sure to bring some water.

mountain biking

Sun Jan 01 2017

Very beautiful saw wildlife including deer


Truly a paddler's paradise, Florida has diverse ecosystems and pristine waters that nature lovers can really appreciate. You can spot abundant wildlife in the lush landscapes as you float through miles of pristine beauty in one of Florida's most picturesque places to go kayaking.